How to get to the Cologne Higher Regional Court

The Cologne Higher Regional Court, at Reichenspergerplatz 1, is located a little outside the city centre of Cologne. Due to the fact that it is located directly at one of the main routes through Cologne, the so-called “North-South Route”, which is called Riehler Straße where it passes by the Court, and further due to the fact that it has it’s own Public Transport stop called Reichenspergerplatz, and thus is very well connected to public transport, it is an easy location to reach either by car or by public transport.

Directions using public transport

The Court can be easily reached by taking the number 16 or number 18 Stadtbahn, both of which stop at Reichenspergerplatz as an underground line. This is not just a quick and easy way to reach the Court, it is also environmentally friendly. Once one gets out of the underground station, it is almost impossible to miss the easily recognisable court building on the right hand side.  In addition to that, the number 140 bus also stops at Reichenspergerplatz.

If you travel by train from outside Cologne, one can change to the U-Bahn (Stadtbahn) line 16 or 18 at the train station.

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